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Book of Me Challenge 2

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Book of Me Challenge 2 Empty Book of Me Challenge 2

Post  Admin Angela Holt on Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:23 am

So have you begun your book of me challenge 1? If so, then you are ready for the next challenge!!!

"Book of Me" Challenge 2
This second challenge should come a little easier than the first. In the first challenge we told our younger selves what we should know and or seek in this life. We more or less wrote a letter to ourselves that lends advice and strength that can be referenced when needed.
LOL, after reading mine 3 times over, I can sooooo see where I was coming from. If only there was a time machine.

Book of Me Challenge 2 To_be_10
Challenge 2 is " To Be A Woman"
In this challenge you will engaged on the many themes and ways it takes to be a woman. Use your experience to create this challenge. Ask questions like, "To be a Woman is to?" or " I love being a woman because". Look at the strength and power it takes to be a woman. The many hats that we ware are enough indication to me, lol.

But seek inside yourself and ask what does it take you to be a woman?

Please see the Gallery for my Page!!!

Creative Hug, Angela Holt
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Book of Me Challenge 2 Cha_lo10

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